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Shola Kayode

Night Shift Patrol Sergeant for VCU Police

How are HSEP classes preparing you to lead?

It’s been very useful in my decision-making in my current position. I have tools and resources as a student in this program that I just didn’t have before.

What is the best part of the HSEP program?

Students benefit from hands-on connections and real-world experience of the faculty. You’re never just learning from a textbook here.

What professional and personal goals would you like to accomplish with your HSEP degree?

My goal has really been to continue to move up within the chain of command. My short-term aspiration is to be a captain in five years.

If you were to recommend this program to a colleague, what would you say?

Be prepared to learn and be prepared to give. It’s not just what you will learn from the coursework but what others can learn from you and the experiences of your classmates.

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